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Some people may not know when and why to call a Manhattan locksmith, because they are often confused with the key maker at the hardware store. While this person is trained on how to operate the machine to duplicate a key, a professional locksmith is trained to not only make a duplicate key, but to also make new keys and repair locks.

It takes many years of training and hard work before someone can be given the title of locksmith. They dedicate themselves to their profession and work hard keeping their skills up to date with the latest technology.

While there are many different types of needs, there are also different locks. Some professionals prefer to work in specific areas, such as performing contract work for business owners and apartment complexes, vehicle and household locks, and some will even make custom locks and keys.

It is common to find a mobile locksmith business. This is a very appealing option for many consumers, since repairs can be done on-site and quickly. When a customer needs a service, they call the company and they dispatch a vehicle to their location. The van is well-equipped to handle all common services, such as repairing and replacing a lock, changing keys and making new keys, just to mention a few services. The service is usually always open, even on holidays and weekends. Repairs are frequently begun within a matter of a few hours after your call, sometimes in less than an hour. Each business will have their own service area, so depending on your location, they should be able to meet you wherever you are.

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A majority of the services requested are to have locks re-keyed. This means that instead of completely replacing a lock, the existing lock remains and is altered to accept a new key. This is commonly done when the owner loses their keys, a new renter moves in, after a burglary, or when a used vehicle is bought. Another common call is to have a lock changed. A professional can easily handle this and another other lock repairs needed.

With all of the latest advances in security, little has changed over the centuries in the design of locking mechanisms. The oldest known locking mechanism was invented in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago, and it very closely resembles the same mechanism used in many modern locks. The greatest advances are actually in the security features of the locks, such as keypads, specialized keys, and other features.

Whether you are looking for service in you home, office, or vehicle, there is a Manhattan locksmith standing by able to help you. It does not make a difference what type of service, or what kind of lock you have, they are fully trained and available.

By: Janice Schlogger


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