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It’s actually quite common albeit quite annoying to lock your keys in the car, lose them around the house, and need a good car locksmith. If you have this unfortunate experience on a weekend or after business hours and you can’t wait until morning, the service can end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Some cars can be fix it yourself models. All you need is a wire coat hanger that you can straighten. Use the hooked end to reach down through the small gap between the window and the door and pluck the lock. If you can reach the button to unlock the car, obviously this would also be a prime choice.

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New cars that are outfitted with electronic systems and are wired with specialty items will end up damaged if you try to use such attempts. This is only effective for older car models.

Considering that most people need a locksmith at least once in their lifetime, calling a locksmith can be much cheaper if you make sure you are prepared for this probably inevitability. Researching the various prices of a car locksmith isn’t that difficult. A few phone calls should do it.

Simply store the numbers of the lowest cost locksmiths in your phone and move on with your life. If you should happen to find that your keys are locked inside the car you won’t have to scramble.

Replacing your car keys can either be simple or expensive, depending on whether or not you have a specialized set that contains a chip for locking and unlocking. You can use a car locksmith at the dealer but you’ll pay a premium price. Using a private locksmith will require your drivers license and registration as well as your VIN number in order to have new specialized key made.

By: Huey Davis


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