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Just like any other city in its American neighbor, Toronto City in Canada is also host to a large number of organized criminal gangs. There are the Italian groups collectively known as the Mafia, Jamaican “posses”, Russian “bratvas”, and American biker gangs. There has even been an infiltration of famous urban gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips. Due to this, the crime rate in urban Toronto has spiked in recent years, and car theft-related crimes are among them. That is why expert car locksmith Toronto specialists advise residents and visitors to always be mindful of their car keys, to protect their properties and especially the people using them.

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Owning a car also means taking responsibility as a driver. When driving on the road, or even just leaving it in a parking lot, one should always keep security and safety in mind. Here are a few tips to help:

1.       Always keep your keys with you – when out and about, always keep in mind where your car keys are at all times, even if you’re at home.

2.       Invest and Install Locks and a Car Alarm – install secure door locks, which can be obtained from car locksmith Toronto specialists, and install a car alarm which can alert you to dangers.

3.       Always Park in a Safe Place – always park your vehicle in a well-lighted area, and as much as possible, park where there’s a lot of human traffic, as this discourages car thieves.

4.       Set Your Wheels to Lock – car locksmith Toronto experts advise that before you leave your car in the lot, turn your wheels fully to either left or right. This will lock the steering wheel in position; you will need your car keys to unlock it. This will prevent thieves from hot-wiring your car.

5.       You are your own Security – a car’s driver is its first and last line of defense against car thieves. Always keeping car security in mind and being focused will greatly help in keeping you, your family, and your car safe and secure.

By: Ohad Ainhoren


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