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It was a perfect day, as one of my childhood friend Jamie and I decided to go for a movie. We reached the theatre and I told Jamie to purchase the tickets as I parked the car in the parking lot. It took just ten minutes to park and I joined Jamie, we both entered the hall and while we were enjoying the movie, he got a call from his father that his brother has met with an accident and had to be taken to the hospital. We instantly rushed towards the parking lot, but to our dismay, I could not find the car keys in my pocket. Sooner, we found them locked inside the car and found ourselves in a helpless situation. Luckily, Jamie was having the number of a nearby Car Locksmith and he dialed his number.

The locksmith appeared at the spot in no time and he suggested us that he can provide us with a solution of locked out situation just in a short time. As a locksmith, they are capable of developing laser cut keys, transponder keys, duplicate keys, etc.

He noticed that our car had entry and ignition keys, which usually contain a computer chip. He said that new keys can be easily made and in no time, we will be hitting the road. While he was working, I inquired Jamie about his authenticity, for which Jamie assured that he is a certified locksmith. They are having comprehensive and precise knowledge of their field. He also told me that there was another option of towing the car to the dealership, but he told me that it would have been a costly affair. On one side, the locksmith was busy opening the locked car and on the other hand, Jamie was getting quite worried about his brother. I requested the Car Locksmith to hurry up.

It took him just twenty minutes to make a new key with the same computerized code for my car, as he tested it for the last time, the door was open and he handed over the new key to me. I asked the locksmith about his fees for which he said their fees are usually quite reasonable and since we were in a hurry, he asked to make the payment in the office by tomorrow. We both were very thankful and without wasting anytime, we took off for the hospital.

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